The Importance of Valuing Yourself

I remember when I first began selling my social media management services. I had taken the necessary courses and had done a couple of case studies but I still didn’t believe in myself enough to push myself into putting a price tag on it.


Then, I finally did. But, I only charged a little bit. But, for me, it was a great accomplishment. Deep down inside I knew though that I was undervaluing myself and definitely undercharging my clients. But, I wanted to say I had clients so bad that I was willing to just overlook those feelings.


All of those feelings came to a crashing halt when I went to a real estate seminar for first time home buyers. I ended up networking with a few agents and told them what I did. And they referred me to the owner of the agency. I sat down with him and we began having a conversation about logistics. And at the end, he decided that he wanted to work with me and he asked me about my prices. 


And when I told him what they were he...laughed. He laughed loud and hard. I know you may be thinking, “dang, that’s kind of rude.” But, it helped me see something. It helped me see that I was accepting far less than I deserve only because I was afraid to not have anything at all. 


So, I decided to apply that a-ha moment I had recently discovered to every other section of my life. In terms of friendships, relationships, family, and even acquaintances. It was lonely at the beginning because when I raised my standards a lot of people fell off. But, slowly but surely my tribe began to align and I didn’t have to devalue myself or my self-worth any longer. I didn’t have to make fun of myself to fit in. I didn’t have to pretend to be interested in things that weren’t worth my time. And, I also was able to truly be myself. 


Stop allowing yourself to be used for the benefit of others.

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