Meet the Author

My name is Daisyiona. I am a Confidence and Self Love Coach and the author of the "Worthy I AM" Journal.

This journal was created for women and young girls who at times feel devalued by society. With all of the craziness going on in the world it is easy to get lost, caught up, or just felt unworthy and unwanted. 

I myself have struggled with these feelings in the past. This is why inside of the journal, I included some of my own personal thoughts from my old diaries and journals as quotes.

I wanted you to not feel alone while you are in the midst of chaos and provide a tool to help keep you grounded. Also, I used to suffer from something I consider, "Superwoman Syndrome". That feeling that I'm sure all groups of diverse women feel. Where you strongly believe that you HAVE to continuously put others before yourself. That even the thought of you taking care of yourself or practicing self-care is selfish. That you might not even feel worthy of taking care of yourself. Or that your culture shuns the idea of you needing to fill your own emotional cup before trying to help someone else fill theirs. 

I've also struggled with creating any self-care time for myself. 

The "Worthy I AM" Journal helps reprogram those thoughts by allowing you to:

-Recite Powerful Affirmations

-Journal from prompted quotes

-Realize you aren't alone

-Set aside time once a week for self-care and to journal

We're in this together. So the days of you feeling isolated or feeling continuously exhausted are over with the help of this journal.

Rooting for you always!


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