How often are you rewarding yourself?

When I was in college I would dread my general education classes. I thought, “my major is Psychology why would I need an oceanography class?” But, I realized that I had to get through the classes whether I loved them or not. 


Eventually, I thought how can I gain the motivation I need to complete these general ed courses? And that motivation only came when I developed a little system for myself. 


I was a full-time student taking 4 classes at a time. So I decided to take 2 general ed courses and 2 courses for my major. The classes for my major were the reward. I knew regardless I had to take all of the courses. After making this small critique I realized shortly after that I was more excited to get to my general education courses only because I knew right after I could go for the classes that I wanted.

In life, we all have responsibilities and things we MUST do regardless of the level of fun or excitement. By implementing a reward system in your day to day life, it’s easier to get those tasks completed. It can be as small as rewarding yourself with your favorite type of sweets or extra tv time.

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