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How it all came to be

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I started writing The Worthy I AM prompt journal with a dream. 

A dream that meant that young women and girls would no longer be a prisoner to their thoughts as I was once one to mine. A dream that women and young girls could fight through their self-doubt and insecurities to begin living the lives of their dreams. A dream that would create an environment in which we would no longer blame ourselves, worry ourselves, or feel guilty about taking time out for ourselves. 

This prompt journal was created for the women who daily wear a smile on their faces but internally feel isolated and alone. The woman who takes care of everyone first before they even think of their own needs. The woman who feels alone in her thoughts and that she has to constantly show herself to the OTHERS as being able to carry the world on her shoulders. The girl who realizes that people are human and makes mistakes but holds herself up to a faultless, unreasonably high expectation of perfection when it comes to herself.

This journal is for you and your journey. For you to process your innermost precious thoughts. The thoughts you haven't shared with anyone else. The thoughts you at times may feel odd for even thinking. 

This journal is for YOU.

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This journal is so inspirational, so excited to start writing again.

Jessica J.

Can't wait to write in it next week

Angel C.

Chileeee, this journal is EVERYTHING!!!

Shante S.